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A child's delight and awe at the first glimpse of the bride. A couple caught in a private moment amongst the whirl of activity surrounding them. A strong visual juxtaposition of eastern tradition and modern wedding practices.

In the midst of the bustle and chaos of the wedding day, these serendipitous moments and little details are often overlooked. Many a time, these shots are the very ones which tell the most interesting stories, the snaps that surprise and delight the couple when they look back on the day together.

With a background in psychology and the arts, Chrisp has a keen eye for the aesthetic and a knack for capturing the best of human emotion and expressions. To him, shooting a wedding means first getting to know the couple, their loved ones, family traditions, cultures and idiosyncrasies -- a rich tapestry that translates into beautiful pictures with depth and feeling.

He looks forward to being a part of your special day, and helping you capture the memories of a lifetime.

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