Every couple's love is unique and beautiful, every wedding an occasion worth treasuring. It is my aim to help every couple tell the story of their special day, bring out their personalities and preferences, and capture the reactions and candour of all those who share in the couple's joy.

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For that intimate engagement or solemnization session.

package includes:

• 3 hours of photography
• 200 edited photos
• Delivery within a week


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The Essentials

The popular choice for a full day wedding program.

package includes:

• 8 hours of photography
• 400 edited photos
• A specially handcrafted boxed casing
• Delivery in 3-4 weeks


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The Premium Collection

All the sweetening you need for your AD wedding.

package includes:

• 10 hours of photography
• 500 edited photos
• SDE highlights video montage (min. of 6 hours interval)
• A specially handcrafted boxed casing
• 30pp 30x30cm flush mount album included (6-8 weeks)
• Delivery in 3-4 weeks


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Where the fun never ends..

package includes:

• 3 hours engagement
• Unlimited 4R digital prints
• Instant live review
• 2 x crew on-site
• 1 x customized template for prints overlay
• 1 x lot of standard props
• 1 x standard backdrop
• All edited soft copies returned

Rate starts from


*customisations for backdrop and/or themed specific props from $300 onwards.