West Side Stories

Faith + Noel

Outdoor Pre-Wedding

Scouting for outdoor locations in Singapore inadvertently leads to the debate of whether the western or eastern half of Singapore boasts prettier locations for photo-shoots.

Since the couple featured here spent a good half of their (dating) lives around the western part of the island during their undergraduate years, it did not come as a surprise that most of the stories reminisced were of locations clustered around there. To maximize the hours for the shoot, we tightened the itinerary by trimming down the unnecessary traveling by slotting in a couple more places along the way.

NB: The itinerary for the day was such –  IKEA > Hort Park > Rider’s Cafe > Bukit Timah Railway > NUS Arts Canteen > NUS Central Library. There were several other nice options which we had to unfortunately omit due to constraint of time.

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